Insurance Planning to Protect
Your Family’s Future

Falling ill or getting injured is more than just a disruption to your daily routine. Without proper protection, it can ruin you financially. Our insurance planning service will assess your risks and determine the most appropriate coverage to protect you and your family from unexpected hardship.

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Take Care of Your Family with the Right Insurance

Have you considered the value of your economic worth? Protecting yourself, family, home, wealth, and assets is something you shouldn’t put off any longer. Life is unpredictable, but with Hunter Financial we can help with insurance planning that provides the right amount of cover to protect yourself or your family in a time of crisis. Whether you have young children or you’re looking to retire, having insurance is non-negotiable if you want to look after your loved ones and their
financial security if the unexpected happens.

At Hunter Financial, we’ll uncover what’s important to you, by providing you with a financial analysis of your current financial and insurance status. We’ll highlight any gaps and demonstrate the best way moving forward for
best personal and family security.

Life Insurance

No one wants to think about it, but how would your family cope if an unexpected event like a serious illness, injury or death were to happen tomorrow?
Life Insurance is here to protect you during a financially unstable period.

With the right cover, you can use the funds to protect and help your family during a difficult time, pay outstanding debts and bills, and continue to be a source of income.

Life insurance premiums are different for every person which is why we provide a service that analyses why and how certain types of cover should be in place. We use this data to determine the right type and amount of cover for you.

Total and Permanent Disability

A financial safety net like total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance cover helps if you become injured or ill, and you‘re unable to recover or continue working.
TPD insurance can cover the cost of rehabilitation, debt repayments
and the ongoing cost of living.

Trauma and Critical Illness

Designed as a lump sum payment if you or your partner are diagnosed with a critical illness, Trauma Insurance covers you during financial fear and acts as a safety net.
It covers critical and major illness that make a significant impact on your life.

Trauma Insurance is paid as a set amount, and can be used for such items as private medical costs, used as an income stream if you stop working, ongoing costs of therapy and special transport, and repaying outstanding debts. It is important not to confuse it with Income Protection, which provides a monthly income.

Income Protection

If you or your significant other were to become ill or injured and unable to work, who will help pay the mortgage and bills? Income protection provides you with a monthly income that covers you for the period that you’re recovering. It ensures you still have a set level of income to cover your living expenses until you can return to work.
This type of cover generally protects you until retirement age.


Income Protection


Life Insurance


Critical Illness

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