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wealth accumulation

From your first job to your last, having wealth accumulation means you’re building a foundation for financial freedom. We all need to start somewhere, but the sooner the better, and you’ll thank your younger self for getting the right financial advice before it’s too late. Wealth Accumulation is small piece of a bigger picture
to help you build wealth at every stage of life.

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Wealth Accumulation is something to consider for all age groups and life stages, starting from your first job until your last working day.

It’s important to understand that the earlier you save, the better off you’ll be.

There are different phases in everyone’s life where you’re likely to save more, and we’ll help you understand each stage and how you can plan your wealth accumulation throughout your life.

Starting Out:
20 years +

To maximise your wealth accumulation, you should start saving the first time you get paid. Now is the right time to start putting money away and to create a savings plan. It’s never too early to start wealth accumulation and plan for what lies ahead.

Career Focused:
25 years +

At this stage of life, you should focus on your career and increasing your earning abilities. Other ways to build wealth at this stage include being careful with your savings, paying off your home loan and building an investment portfolio.

Family Focused:
30–35 years +

You’re well established financially and can now save more. You might have a young family and want to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible. Children become teenagers and become more demanding financially. Then come the birthdays and wanting to help the children establish their own home. As different costs arise, it’s tricky to see where most of your savings and spending is going.

Portfolio Balance:
45–50 years +

By now you aim to be debt free and maximise your strong portfolio. Through all the years of saving, the portfolio is now at a point where earnings are
greater than your savings.

Financial Freedom:
55–60 years +

Financially you’re at the stage to consider retiring or reducing your working days, as you’ve accumulated a big enough savings pool to use at your own free will.

Helping you build wealth
at every stage

Each stage of wealth accumulation happens well before retirement, and discussing each stage with a financial planner will help you maximise your opportunities to grow your savings. At Hunter Financial we’ll give you the right advice to plan and manage your finances during your wealth accumulation years.

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